Short Bio

Prof Aurona Gerber is an Associate Professor in the Department of Informatics and Information Systems in the EBIT faculty at the University of Pretoria. After obtaining her electronic engineering degree (Bing) at the University of Pretoria (1987), she worked as a bursar at CSIR (the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) developing firmware for speech encoding/decoding devices. Her MIng at WITS (1992) investigated developing switching algorithms and programs for MC2, a massively parallel computer with 64 (up to 128 / 246) TMS32020 processors. From 1991 she worked in industry in companies such as Dimension Data and an own company (Tech Control), primarily developing software for various systems such as radar control and multiplexer switches. She was part of a team that developed a multitasking OS based on OS2 before Windows was able to multitask. As consultant and later again employee of CSIR, she developed one of the first internet database applications (in an initiative that grew into MWeb) and continued to do mainly technical project development and management of database and internet applications. She joined Unisa as senior lecturer in 2001 and completed a PhD in Computer Science on Semantic Web technologies (2007). She again joined CSIR in 2007 as principal researcher in ontology engineering and enterprise architecture responsible for assisting in the development of a research group in Artificial Intelligence, and this group developed into the Center for AI Research (CAIR) which is an national network between the CSIR and several universities specialising in research and development in the broad area of artificial intelligence. Her work experience includes 15+ years of software system and architecture design, development and technical management, as well as more than 10 years research and teaching experience.  She published more than 40 accredited publications and supervised more than 10 postgraduate masters and doctoral students to completion of their degrees.

Her primary interest is research in the development and use of advanced models within all aspects of Information Systems. These modeling constructs include formal ontologies in information systems as well as the construction of these models and ontology engineering. In addition, her experience as system developer and technical project leader developed into an interest in enterprise architecture (EA) and enterprise engineering (EE) where she is interested in EA and Innovation given complex operating environments and disruptive technologies.


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